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Rekindling Sweet Memories...
Repairing Old Treasures...
Sharing Joy Across Generations...

The Doll Hospital is the perfect place to bring your loved dolls of yesteryear. Let us clean them up, repair them, and bring them back to you ready for more hugs! Share your love for your favorite toy with those you love, and watch young faces light up as they see your sweet dolls as you used to see them.

Ready for a new adventure

Judy Knauf, owner of the Doll Hospital of Richmond, VA is excited to be able to help you bring new life to your special dolls. Through years of experience repairing well loved dolls of all sorts, she has been able to bring smiles to many doll lovers. Each doll that checks in to the Doll Hospital receives tender love and care as Judy carefully restores them.

We are pleased to serve you!

Your Treasures Re-newed with New Stringing

Re-stringing old dolls

Contact us today for an appointment at:

Services Available:

By contacting the Doll Hospital of Richmond, VA, you can find out more about:

- appointment availability
- repair specialties
- pricing rates and repair estimates ($25 minimum)
- feasibility of repairs
- shipping procedures for out of town repairs

The Doll Hospital is located in Richmond, Virginia. We focus mostly on local doll repair needs, but if you are out of town and need your doll fixed, don't hesitate to email us and let us know. We will see what we can do! All out of town clients will need to pay all shipping costs.

Some of our recent projects have included:
re-stringing doll parts
replacing eye pieces
new faces
new bodies
replacement of fabric body parts
Member in good standing of The Doll Doctors Association


Exciting new projects:
"A Memory to Hold" - we create a bear from your loved one's favorite garment or blanket, so that you have a very special memory to hold and love forever!
Quilt Bears - using quilts rescued from another era, you have a piece of nostalgia that will remind you of the past, in the present, for the future!

Judy Knauf, Owner of The Doll Hospital


The Doll Hospital
Judy Knauf

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